Trans Catalonia – around the world

1920 1080 Transnytt

Jules Verne wrote the famous book “Around the World in Eighty Days” in 1872. In 2017, Trans Catalonia achieved the same journey in 95 days, including loading and discharging in…

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IT Officer

854 1280 Transnytt

While we strive to standardise all the IT equipment and applications on board, we have to realise that the vessels have a variety of set-ups and IT infrastructure. In order…

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Wiesław Charłampowicz

1340 1280 Transnytt

Seatrans is the company where I spent the longest stretch of time in my professional career. I worked there for 27 years. Even though I’m retired now, I still get…

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1788 1280 Transnytt

“The choice of main engine will depend on the purpose of the vessel. There are several technologies available, but you still have to secure the logistics for providing energy to…

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Trans Sea has left the company

1707 1280 Transnytt

The crew on the last voyage Trans Sea sailed for Seatrans Zarko Orlic, Aldo Raimund, Danijel Petrovic, Zvonimir Anticevic, Ionut Bandu, Marian Hornet, Ioan Ianus Dragomir, Alan Serbic, Athmane Redouane…

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Co2 emissions

1920 1272 Transnytt

We are now ready to forward the ship-specific monitoring plans for the upcoming MRV regulation. These will be reviewed by our verifier and hopefully approved during the autumn, and then…

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Ship of the year 2016

1920 1281 Transnytt

On Tuesday October 3rd, the “Ship of the Year 2016” award was finally handed over to the proud crew on SC Astrea. The committee pointed out many good reasons for…

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Data warehouse

1920 1483 Transnytt

“Until recently, data warehousing was reserved for very large and rich companies. They spent millions of dollars on developing their own systems that took them miles ahead of small and…

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YOU are a target for cyber-crime

1305 1080 Transnytt

The benefits of a PC and distributed connections to the internal and external net are obvious. However, this makes employees and their families possible victims of cyber-crime. Two threats are…

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Trainee superintendent

1618 1080 Transnytt

Andreas Breivik, trainee superintendent Andreas Breivik (23) joined the Seatrans Ship Management team of superintendents on 1 August 2017. As trainee, he will be working together with the famous team…

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