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Optimizing port stays

Vedran Zadnik acts as link between the vessel, operations and the terminal personnel to improve operations and processes related to loading and discharging a chemical tanker. Improved planning by all those involved in the operations is beneficial for all parties, he says.

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Norway’s largest sailing vessel

In October 2020, the roro-vessel SC Connector will be retrofitted with two Rotor Sails and a battery pack. The installation will take place at JVP Steel in Poland. On leaving the yard, SC Connector will be a hybrid sailing vessel, and with good wind conditions she will maintain her service speed by sail alone. With…

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rough – but we will come through

We feel the urge to reassure you that we are doing our utmost to support you – our seafarers. You are the very essence of this industry. Without you being at sea and transporting goods, our society would fall apart. In times like these, our core values become more relevant than ever. Care – Involvement…

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To catch the moment

Sometimes and if you look up, the surroundings surprises you. Having a camera nearby, you simply have to catch it – grabbing the stunning light, motive and atmosphere for sharing it with others. This s how other photographers and I feel, thinks and acts. Some of the photos that are coming out of it are…

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Nature and ship

Salute: For the second time in a row, Martin Vitković, Chief Officer at Trans Adriatic, won the Seatrans Photo Competition 2019. His contribution was very different, very visible and got most “likes” on the Facebook. Congratulations! A Samsung tablet is under way

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Trans Catalonia – trip to China

Trans Catalonia has made numerous voyages to China and the Far East, and every voyage there has its own challenges. In March, Trans Catalonia was high up in the river Yangtze in China. The river was calmer than normal, but this time it was the Corona virus outbreak which caused most concern, Master Joachim Rubin…

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suez – no problems

I have crossed the Suez Channel twice with Trans Catalonia since MACN was introduced. There are still requests for cigarettes but nowadays it is much easier to resist since more and more companies are participating in the anti-corruption scheme. This is a significant improvement,” says Captain Lukasz Zagorski. Captain Zagorski has sailed with Seatrans for…

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Collective effort

We work in two key areas. Firstly, we help shipping companies internally by building their capacity and preparedness to resist corruption in ports and other parts of the maritime supply chain. Secondly, we cooperate with, and provide advice to, the national and local authorities to combat corruption in their areas of operational responsibility. Experience has…

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Successful transportation of windmill parts

In recent years, Sea-Cargo successfully have delivered valuable and vital parts to wind farms in UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The last project, Tonstad wind farm, was a delivery of 153 wind turbine blades which were 69 metres long and 21 tons each. They were all shipped without any damages. “Good for the client and…

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Good reasons for sailing with Seatrans

Values a good “FACE FACTOR” Daniel Branistenu Chief Officer Trans Catalonia “I joined Seatrans in 2005 as a cadet, and I now sail as chief officer on the Trans Catalonia. In my opinion, the Trans Catalonia has the best culture to be found in the entire Seatrans fleet. We are a good team and conditions…

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We call Inge

Ready Everyone is different and people like different things: stamps, birdwatching, old cars – even napkins. If you happen to be interested in pumps, a meeting with Inge Hermansen would be a huge success. If you happen to work with a Framo pump, a meeting with Inge would be an experience to last an entire…

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Standard contracts less discussion

The devil is in the details” is a common saying. More so when it comes to contracts between business partners. Seatrans Ship Management took the initiative on behalf of the leading shipping companies in Bergen to provide training in standard shipping contracts. BIMCO has developed standard contracts for the shipping world. They are well-known and…

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Superintendent and farmer

The hens don’t know if it is Sunday or Monday. They produce their eggs every day, all year round. And one of the cows hadn’t noticed that it was Christmas Eve when she gave birth to her new calf. Being a farmer is more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. Ready Trond Helland…

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Six Cadets sailing with Seatrans

After a few months of searching, recruiting and countless interviews at Seatrans offices in Poland, Croatia and Romania, the ten best candidates were given the opportunity to prove that they fitted in with Seatrans’ values. Six of them passed the stringent test. Ready for sea Photo taken after the BBS course, showing Gabriel Herman (Crew…

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Sea-Cargo enters Poland

Sea-Cargo has secured a major transport contract for the delivery of 51 wind turbines to Norway, representing 204 megawatts of clean energy. The components will be gathered together at Sea Cargo’s new terminal in Husøy, close to Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. Sea-Cargo has secured a major transport contract for the delivery of…

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GDPR at sea

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the new legislation that applies to all companies that collect, store and process any data belonging to EU citizens. The main reason for the introduction of the GDPR is to provide people with more control over their personal data. All on-shore employees in Seatrans have attended GDPR information…

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Bulgaria office

Our client wanted us to help them recruit seafarers from their base in Varna, the capital of coastal Bulgaria, and so we opened a branch office that will work with the Seatrans Ship Management office in Constanta, Romania,” says Cristian Dumitrescu, the General Manager of Seatrans Ship Management Romania. “7Mountains Maritime (7MM) is winning new…

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Seatrans gathering in Poland

If you happened to be in the surroundings of the forest buffer zone near the Gdansk-Wroblowka complex on 22 September this year, you may have observed youngsters and grown-ups in more or less coordinated activities. If you happened to be in the surroundings of the forest buffer zone near the Gdansk-Wroblowka complex on 22 September…

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We do our best

MT Copernicus was granted the well-deserved Ship of the Year 2017 award in November. They are so busy that it has been a challenge to find the right time and place to give the crew the SOTY distinction. “We are always on the move,” Captain Arek Popik explains. MT Copernicus is the smallest vessel in…

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Digital Seatrans ver 3.0

”We collect a huge amount of digital information from a number of sources on shore and at sea. So far, we have used the input we’ve got for specific purposes. During the next stage, we will look at how we can combine valuable information from operations at sea, at berth and on shore in order…

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