Seatrans gathering in Poland

1920 893 Transnytt

If you happened to be in the surroundings of the forest buffer zone near the Gdansk-Wroblowka complex on 22 September this year, you may have observed youngsters and grown-ups in…

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We do our best

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MT Copernicus was granted the well-deserved Ship of the Year 2017 award in November. They are so busy that it has been a challenge to find the right time and…

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Digital Seatrans ver 3.0

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”We collect a huge amount of digital information from a number of sources on shore and at sea. So far, we have used the input we’ve got for specific purposes.…

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Your identity is safe by us

1920 1272 Transnytt

«We knew we had to do something about it, but we did not know how much work it would be. Looking back, it was quite a job. However, we are…

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Hoping to work here until I retire

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«I am very happy to work with Seatrans. I hope that I can work here until I retire,” says Ruel Q. Fernandez (35) who is one out of five ratings…

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New Superintendent

1486 1080 Transnytt

Zibi Stypula Zbigniew Stypula has been appointed as new Marine Superintendent in Seatrans Ship Management with an office in Gdynia, Poland. Zibi came from SC Astrea where he held the…

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My ship is filled with camper vans

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Norwegians seem to be far more fascinated by their own country than ever before. At least if we consider the sky-high sales of camper vans. Sea-Cargo has the job of…

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Ship of the Year 2017

1418 1010 Transnytt

ZERO lost time injuries in 2017 ZERO recordable cases in 2017 ZERO spills to sea in 2017 In addition, it is worth mentioning that M/T Copernicus registered 3.67 near accident…

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A career in Seatrans

1618 1080 Transnytt

Damir Keko “I was a cadet on Trans Fjord when the vessel was owned by a Swiss company. After finishing Maritime High School, I had the luck of being employed…

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The Mediterranean UNDERESTIMATED in winter

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It takes Trans Exeter nine to ten days from ARA to Turkey. Most of us associate the Mediterranean with sunny beaches and a good life. For a seafarer, the picture…

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