My ship is filled with
Camper vans

My ship is filled with camper vans

My ship is filled with camper vans

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Norwegians seem to be far more fascinated by their own country than ever before. At least if we consider the sky-high sales of camper vans. Sea-Cargo has the job of bringing these vehicles to the Norwegian West Coast.

“We will probably pass the magic 1,000 target this year,” says Group Operations Manager in Sea-Cargo, Paul Moorhouse. “In 2017, we brought some 600 camper vans to our West Norwegian ports. These are very valuable goods and we treat them with special care. I guess the importers talk with each other about the transport, and the success we have had bringing them here has spread around in the business.” A nice camper van may cost from €75,000 and up. You may think that you could spend many nights and days in hotels on many holidays for the annual cost of owning such a vehicle.

However, many Norwegians value their freedom and flexibility higher. At the beginning of 2018, there were more than 33,000 camper vans in Norway. An average camper van is 7.3 metres long (!) and owned by a person aged 58. “Prophets” in the business claim there will soon be 50,000 of them on the Norwegian roads. “Snail with house on their back” is not a relevant comparison anymore. A modern camper van is very well-equipped and modern engines have no problems with even the steepest Norwegian hills.

“We take them on board in Rotterdam, while SC Ahtela and Trans Fighter load camper vans in Esbjerg as well. We deliver them to Tananger (Stavanger) and Bergen. Due to their vulnerability, we pay extra attention to this cargo. No one is allowed to step inside.

We are only allowed to look at the luxury from the outside,” says Captain Kurt Gimmestad on Trans Carrier. “We have heard stories about camper vans that have been delivered with dirty carpets and stains on the furniture inside. Obviously, this is not acceptable. Also, during on and off loading over the ramp, we are extremely careful not to damage the van,” Kurt Gimmestad explains. Camper vans for delivery further north are transferred to SC Express.

“Maybe the expensive Euro and wonderful Norwegian landscapes, villages and towns are good enough reasons for buying a camper van. I don’t know. However, Sea-Cargo will be happy to bring you one – with care!” Paul Moorhouse concludes.