M/T Copernicus
Ship of the year 2017
Before the summer, the jury had made its decision and gave the Ship of the Year award for 2017 to the oldest vessel in the fleet; Copernicus, built in 1987 and rebuilt in 2001. The crew on Copernicus has been doing an excellent job for many years, with the following results in 2017:

Ship of the Year 2017

Ship of the Year 2017

1418 1010 Transnytt
  • ZERO lost time injuries in 2017
  • ZERO recordable cases in 2017
  • ZERO spills to sea in 2017

In addition, it is worth mentioning that M/T Copernicus registered 3.67 near accident reports per month in 2017 – exceeding the company target. The vessel registered ten green arrows in 2017 – the second-best vessel registered two green arrows. The results from inspections are very good – even surpassing strict company targets.

“M/T Copernicus has achieved a  very good performance and good environmental initiatives. Operational performance is very satisfactory. The crew are loyal and stable and there is a very good atmosphere onboard. We notice a high degree of participation and good initiatives from the vessel when planning crew changes. The adaptations to the new watch system has been good.”

“The SHIP OF THE YEAR award recognises unique performance in our fleet.

M/T Copernicus is the only vessel with a “full score” in relation to the established evaluation criteria,” the jury says.
Keep up the good work and aim for the prize in 2018.

We extend our congratulations to the whole crew of M/T Copernicus.

Well done!