Successful transportation of windmill parts

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In recent years, Sea-Cargo successfully have delivered valuable and vital parts to wind farms in UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The last project, Tonstad wind farm, was a delivery of…

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Good reasons for sailing with Seatrans

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Values a good “FACE FACTOR” Daniel Branistenu Chief Officer Trans Catalonia “I joined Seatrans in 2005 as a cadet, and I now sail as chief officer on the Trans Catalonia.…

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We call Inge

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Ready Everyone is different and people like different things: stamps, birdwatching, old cars – even napkins. If you happen to be interested in pumps, a meeting with Inge Hermansen would…

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Standard contracts less discussion

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The devil is in the details” is a common saying. More so when it comes to contracts between business partners. Seatrans Ship Management took the initiative on behalf of the…

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GDPR at sea

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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the new legislation that applies to all companies that collect, store and process any data belonging to EU citizens. The main reason for…

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Six Cadets sailing with Seatrans

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After a few months of searching, recruiting and countless interviews at Seatrans offices in Poland, Croatia and Romania, the ten best candidates were given the opportunity to prove that they…

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Superintendent and farmer

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The hens don’t know if it is Sunday or Monday. They produce their eggs every day, all year round. And one of the cows hadn’t noticed that it was Christmas…

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Bulgaria office

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Our client wanted us to help them recruit seafarers from their base in Varna, the capital of coastal Bulgaria, and so we opened a branch office that will work with…

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